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Synergen MedTech Consulting

Company Overview

Synergen MedTech Consulting provides end-to-end commercialization services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the biotechnology and healthcare industry, specifically targeting the hospital and third-party sectors. With a focus on achieving measurable outcomes, Synergen MedTech Consulting offers a customized approach to meet each client’s unique needs.

We provide tailored solutions thus becoming a valuable partner for SMEs looking to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Synergen MedTech Consulting operates in key geographies, including the USA, India, Asia, and the EU, which offer significant opportunities for growth and expansion.

Synergen MedTech embodies the developeneur philosophy by combining entrepreneurship, development, growth, innovation, and problem-solving to create unique solutions that set it apart from other consulting firms.


Synergen MedTech possesses the necessary expertise and resources to effectively mitigate these challenges and support entrepreneurs in bringing their innovative ideas to fruition, enabling them to thrive in the global marketplace. We offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services to support SMEs in successfully commercializing their healthcare technologies. The company’s services are based on four core pillars:


Business development services


Marketing and sales development services


Grant proposal guidance services


Global market expansion support


SMEs in biotechnology & the healthcare industry often lack the resources and expertise to navigate the complex systems and processes of the hospital and third-party sectors. While they may excel at research and development, bringing their products to market can be challenging. Additionally, they may not have the commercialization expertise required to promote their products effectively and secure partnerships with distributors, hospitals, payers, and providers.

Synergen MedTech’s approach is results-oriented, and the company provides a customized approach to meet each client’s unique needs and expectations. The company leverages a network of local and international industry experts, to provides clients with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help them overcome the many obstacles they face in commercializing their healthcare technologies and achieve their business goals to compete on a global scale.

About Gary J. Sagiv

Gary Sagiv, the founder, and CEO of Synergen MedTech Consultants is a senior global developreneur in the Biotech industry, with over 27 years of experience in entrepreneurship. Born in South Africa and having lived in Asia, Europe, and the United States, Gary has gained a unique and multifaceted perspective on life, which has been invaluable in his professional life.

Throughout his career, he has launched over twenty different products in 116 countries and has worked with many SME companies, proving his ability to drive sustainable growth for organizations. He has directed the development of comprehensive go-to-market strategies, implemented growth strategies that increased global market share, secured private funding through effective financing and funding strategies, devised marketing campaigns that integrate conventional and digital techniques to increase brand visibility, and managed key strategic partnerships with major hospitals, universities, and physicians.

Gary’s interest in innovative technologies has propelled him to explore new advancements in bioTech, including miniature cameras and imaging technology, invasive & non-invasive ground-breaking technologies, personalized medicine and precision biotech therapies, integration of BioTech with digital and AI technology, wearable tech and the Internet of Things (IoT), and advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning software.

To promote an integrated approach to entrepreneurship, Gary developed the concept of “Developeneurship,” combining entrepreneurship and development skills to create innovative solutions that meet market needs and achieve long-term business success. This approach considers the importance of a comprehensive and holistic approach to entrepreneurship, focusing on creating solutions that have a positive impact on society.

His visionary thinking, holistic views of cooperation, and creative ideas have been instrumental in his success as a developreneur. He continues to work on the developreneur concept, combining entrepreneurship and global growth development, and is committed to promoting innovative solutions that have a positive impact on society.

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