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FABA, or the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations (, established in 2005, serves as a non-profit organization that aims to establish a global platform for the advancement of biotechnology, with a particular focus on Asian countries (which includes Israel).

FABA’s primary mission entails promoting innovation and entrepreneurship within the biotech industry, academia, and healthcare sector. Its objectives revolve around safeguarding and promoting the interests of biotechnology as a whole, fostering collaboration among academia, industry, and government bodies in Asia, and leading study and business teams to member countries in order to foster academic and industrial partnerships.

Over the course of more than 15 years, FABA has effectively facilitated collaboration between academia, industry, and government, thus stimulating investments in biotechnology and its related fields. Furthermore, FABA actively encourages cross-border trade, encompassing exports, service outsourcing, product exchanges, and other related activities. The organization also sponsors study and business teams within member countries while extending invitations to individuals, experts, scientists, and similar delegations from both member countries and around the world.

FABA dedicates itself to promoting and safeguarding the collective interests of biotechnology as a scientific discipline, profession, industry, and trade. To achieve this, the organization collaborates with research professionals, entrepreneurs, industries, and academic institutions across various Asian countries. FABA actively promotes collaboration between academia and the biotechnology industry within its member countries throughout Asia.

At present, we are in the process of re-establishing the Israeli chapter, which had previously ceased operations a few years ago.

Members of the Israeli chapter will be granted the highest priority to participate in the esteemed BIOAsia conference, an annual Asian biotechnology event. Additionally, they will enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to diverse chapters that facilitate academic and business collaborations, participation in various forums, opportunities for academic and business networking, the establishment of academic partnerships, attendance at complimentary webinars, internships, and numerous other advantages.

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